Spring? Is that you?

This May turns out to be one of the strangest yet: wet and freezing one day, breezy, luminous and warm the next... Nature (and your own body) are justly confused. If you usually get spring allergies you are likely to get them a bit later than in previous years, but they will be back for sure! Start taking your Singulair and come in for a Solu-Medrol shot which temporarily tunes down your body's response to allergens..

There's a chance you have not yet met Nadisha Hoseini our Physician Assistant, who has been part of the practice for almost a year now. Nadisha has considerable experience in  a primary care setting, an in depth approach to chronic disease treatment, and a friendly, caring bedside manner. She also has a special interest in weight management, and has worked with our new dietician, Caroline, to better marry the theory of weight loss regimens to the frustrating practice. She is combining diet and exercise with some of the newest medication regimens and achieving considerable success. As the options increase in safe weight loss medications, the surgical options become less attractive, and more people are losing weight in a healthier way. Make an appointment to explore this with her if you are worried about the (hopefully) upcoming beach season!!

Medical care delivery in northern Bergen County is changing even faster than the weather. Most internal medicine and multi-specialty practices have sold out to either Valley Medical Group,  Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC) partners, or even Summit Medical Group. For you,  that means that there is a financial incentive for doctors to send patients from "hand to hand", from specialist to specialist, from radiology to pathology etc. In this system the medical conglomerate keeps revenue flowing, but the patient is at a loss without anyone taking full responsibility for the whole person, and closing the loop between diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

DC Medical Care is one of the last few independent internal medicine groups which remains functional. MY goal remains to provide personalized quality care, and take full responsibility for the health of our patients. That includes preventive medicine, as well as acute (sick) care, and long term management for chronic conditions. We are also unique as we keep a small number of same day appointments open for sick visits DAILY in order to better serve our patients, and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits. 

Today medical practices must partner with patients to keep our services accessible and deliver the highest quality of care at the same time. In this vein we added a section for "Frequently Asked Questions" to our website to help you better understand our policies. Let us know if there are other ways in which we can serve you better.