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We have Fall updates related to the flu vaccine and completing forms. Read on to find out and as always feel free to contact the office with any questions. Contact information can be found here: http://www.dcmedicalcare.com/contact .

Flu Vaccine season is again upon us! To receive the shot, you need to schedule it, but there is NO copay, and NO wait as the nurses administer it and we bill it directly to the insurance company.

This year we are running a free "vaccine clinic" on Saturday, October 12, 2019 from 9 am-12pm, first come, first serve. You can bring even people who are not our patients, the cost will be $33.00 if paid in cash, much less expensive than CVS, Walgreens, etc. it is preferable to notify us if you will be coming.

A few important points about the flu vaccine:

  • We encourage everyone to get it but most importantly people who have a higher risk due to working in public places.

  • The flu vaccine does not "give the flu". The manufacture of the vaccine is now very sophisticated, and the cases of flu due to the vaccine are almost non existent. Having had the flu in the past does not confer immunity as the flu virus itself changes from year to year. This is why we need a yearly vaccination.

  • The best time to get the vaccine is during the month of October, though we will administer it until mid-January. It takes about 2-3 weeks after administration for the vaccine to be fully protective, and the effects last about 3-4 months. Therefore receiving the shot in October protects you for the period with the peak flu incidence.

  • Ideally you should receive the vaccine from us. If you do we will have the verification in our electronic records and will be able to supply it for employment, school, travel purposes. The flu shot is now a requirement for all pregnant women, and many employment physicals.

In conclusion: Come in to get your flu shot starting 10/01!!!

Completing Forms Starting 10/01/19 there will be a nominal fee of $25 for any forms which need to be completed. A physical examination needs to have been completed within the year, and all forms will be ready for pick up/mail within three working days from requested date.

Philosophy of Practice

Patient centered, oriented towards comprehensive assessment of genetic predisposition to disease and implementation of prevention strategies.  In addition to Internal Medicine services which include acute (sick) care and preventive services (yearly physicals with comprehensive testing) the practice offers a wide range of clinical services under one roof: nutritional counseling, weight loss programs (with and without drug therapy), consulting specialists for  gastroenterology,  cardiac testing, pain management, as well as ultrasound exams.  

Patient Exam Rooms

Patient Exam Rooms

About DC Medical Care

  • Conveniently near major highways and with plenty of available parking

  • Most insurance plans accepted, but deductibles and co-insurance must be paid upfront

  • Early morning and evening appointments available

  • Caring, friendly staff

  • In Office Specialists including Dietician, Gastroenterologist, Podiatrist, and Pain Management Specialist

  • DC Select Care services available (click here for more details)

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