D.C. Select Care Services is a response to the negative changes in the medical ecosystem and aims to provide its members a highly individualized, comprehensive care in an unhurried fashion, with direct access to Dr. Cernea, and a strong focus on prevention and proactive wellness. There is no substitute for a doctor who knows you well, and having an independent physician who is beholden only to your medical needs, not corporate shareholders, is critical. As an independent physician, Dr. Cernea can focus on what is best for you and you alone. In case of illness Dr. Cernea can use her vast network of specialists to refer you for evaluation, and if necessary communicate personally, so that you receive the most efficient and highest quality care. Most importantly Dr. Cernea will coordinate your care by obtaining the appropriate imaging, testing and laboratory work-up before you see the specialist to insure the most effective way to treat you. Additionally, the doctor will advocate for you preferentially in a myriad of ways, striving to streamline your medical experience with an attention to detail that is no longer possible in a large, fast paced practice.

To achieve this personalized, patient focused medical care delivery, Dr. Cernea will prioritize office time to serve Select Care patients preferentially, and limit access to personal time for the rest of the practice. Patients who do not wish to become members will continue to be seen in our practice and be treated the same as before. They will NOT be able, however to request or have guaranteed access to Dr. Cernea personally but will be attended by both the doctor and other licensed providers working for the practice. While Select Care membership is a yearly contract (01/01/2019-12/31/2019), a patient may join in mid-year for a higher yearly fee.

Select Care Services Include:

  • 24/7 Availability to Dr. Cernea

  • Personalized Care Navigation

  • Same Day/Next Day Appointments

  • Limited Wait Time

  • Dedicated Office Personnel/Expedited Check-in and Check-out

  • Prescription Facilitation

  • Test Results Communication

  • Virtual Visit/Telemedicine Services

To learn more about these services please look at the DC Select Care Handbook.


Click Here for the DC Select Care Services Handbook.

Contract Agreement and Registration

Click Here for the DC Select Care Services Agreement/Registration form. This form must be downloaded, completed and mailed to the address listed for admission into the SELECT group.

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