Direct Care Option

Dr. Cernea wants to go above and beyond for each patient by offering a holistic and proactive approach that addresses both physical and emotional health through counseling and comprehensive diagnostic testing. Unfortunately, the medical marketplace has changed dramatically in the last few years with most doctors selling their practices to hospitals or national conglomerates. Consequently, medical care has become harder to access (long wait times and rushed appointments), more fragmented (seeing more specialists with no care coordination) and more impersonal. To address this we are now offering the opportunity to enroll in a Direct Care program with Dr. Cernea. 

Direct Care, or retainer based medicine, is a unique approach to primary care meant to enhance the way healthcare is provided to patients. An annual membership paid separately from the insurance payments gives the patients enrolled in this program direct access to their physician 24/7 in addition to many other specialized services. 

Benefits of this service includes: 

  • Same day or next day appointments with no waiting time
  • Unhurried office visits with Dr. Cernea
  • 24 hour physician access by phone or text
  • Coordination of services between multiple specialists in case of illness, i.e. referrals for second opinions, transmissions of records from multiple sites to specialists, designing a plan of care, etc.

The Direct Care Option is available to any established or new patient. While everyone can benefit from this service, it may be indispensable to patients that have specific medical challenges or to older people with chronic conditions. 

Should you want to enroll in this program, contact our office for an application and payment details.